by Farina Khalid 5 Nov 2021

Maggie Mee hair, Macy Gray hair, Omg it look’s like a bee hive! ; unfortunately we’ve all got the name calling growing up with naturally curly hair

Growing up Sonya had tight curly locks which easily brought on bullying and constant name-calling which took a huge hit on her self-confidence. She felt ashamed and helpless because she could never find the right product or regime to tame and manage her hair.  Hence beginning her endless trips to the salon and making her hair straightener her best friend right up till she was 26 years old - can you imagine how damaged her hair must have been at this point!

Despite struggling with her own hair, Sonya had a deep passion and enjoyment when it came to giving haircuts and pampering sessions for her friends and family whenever there was a request. Sonya was known as the GURU of hair amongst her peers, she even took up a part time job at Victoria Market Melbourne during her university days as a sales and marketing person selling wigs and hair extensions and was awarded the favorite employee of the year.

Despite her wins, she felt like she was not being her true self by hiding her natural curls. This truly hit her when she gave birth to her first child; little Sophie who inherited her tight locks. She knew the journey Sophie was going to embark on was not going to be easy, she didn’t want Sophie to go through name-calling and bullying. The thought of Sophie being ashamed of herself just didn’t sit right with her.

That’s where it all started, from a mother’s love; years of research, working with business partners and manufactures; an all natural curl cream to embrace your curls was introduced in Malaysia; one of the key ingredients being from coconuts which is something Sonya loves as it brings back fond memories of her mother applying it onto her hair when she was a child. Being a product that’s close to Sonya’s heart, she incorporated her name into the product; Coco (coconut) Onya (Sonya’s nickname)

Today,CocoOnya has expanded to Singapore and Australia, Sonya's hope is to instill self-confidence by embracing your natural crown. With the strong belief and mission to stay true to yourself, being patient with yourself and most importantly loving yourself - Let’s show the world the crown you've been blessed with, So what are you waiting for girls, let’s ditch those chemicals & put a little Coco-Onya hair instead!  



    IMAN MOHAMED OSMAN YAGOUB Malaysian Fashion Model

    " I must say that your packaging is so colourful and with those cute badges that make you want to embrace your curls even more.The moment I got my hands on this cocoonya hair cream, I tested it out straight away!.With the humidity in our country, this baby here has definitely managed to hold my curls down, making it feel so much softer.I have a tendency to tie my hair up a lot because of the heat and I know that it would be so frizzy.But with cocoonya, I let my hair down and embrace these natural curls.Kudos cocoonya for such an amazing hair cream for curly hair and the miraculous ingredients such as habbatus Sauda.#putthecocoonya and twirl those curls #twirlmebycocoonya"

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  • COCO ONYA - TANUSIA PARANSOTHY Miss Universe Finalist Malaysia 2019

    TANUSIA PARANSOTHY Miss Universe Finalist Malaysia 2019

    Our girl here is the perfect example of beauty with brains. A finalist for Miss Universe Msia'19 and also a Runway & Commercial Model.To top it off,she works as an Executive Risk Actuary,an Environmentalist,and a fitness junkie.She is really the epitome of women empowerment.We are blessed to have Tanushia on board the Coco Onya bandwagon and embracing her curls with our Twirl Me Curl cream. Why do you love the Twirl Me Curl cream? "It makes my curls more defined and smells really good.Oh did I forget to mention I feel more sexy and confidence too"..

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  • COCO ONYA - SHAI a Malaysian Professional Hairstylist at Michael London

    SHAI a Malaysian Professional Hairstylist at Michael London

    Shai is showcasing a statement hairstyle using the Coco Onya Twirl Me Curl Cream for men with curly hair. What do you love about the curl cream? " One thing I like about the product is that it really hold my curls and you can style them the way you wanted it to be. Whether they are lose curls to the really tight ones." #putthecocoonya #twirlmebycocoonya

  • COCO ONYA - SHAHEERA KAMARUDDIN  “The queen of lion”

    SHAHEERA KAMARUDDIN “The queen of lion”

    We truly adore her beautiful, strong and confidence character.The truth is like a lion, You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.. WHY DO YOU LIKE COCO ONYA CURL CREAM? “I love the curl cream because the formula works really good especially with my customary organic hair gel. It definitely holds up so good and I put that to the test by going on an outdoor photoshoot from 10 am to 3 pm. Mind you, it was really hot and humid. My hair is still going strong until now. The packaging is adorable! The pastel colours and logo, so far the brand really matched my expectations as it was so thoughat out. Love it❤️”




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