However if you have straight hair and you find yourself reaching out to your heating tools to achieve those dream curls, you can use Twirl Me Curl Cream as a 2-in-1; heat protectant and style cream!  

Here is the guide on how to transform your straight hair into your dream curls:

Step 1 : Apply the curl cream to dry hair. 

Step 2 : Split your hair into multiple sections and start applying from the bottom to top  

Step 3 : Take your curler or iron and do your thang, the smaller the section of hair = the tighter the curl

Step 4 : VOILA! Your desired curl is not just a dream...You’re ready to flaunt your curls!

And that’s it, fast, simple and only the best ingredients for your hair! Say goodbye to frizzy unmanageable hair and hello to smooth looking locks.Put the struggles with your curls in the past, cause Coco-onya is the way to go!

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